‘Wonderful and Intimate’- Review of A Christmas Carol at Glad Cafe

By Rachel Watson


Hidden away, almost out of sight (I walked straight past it without realising) is a goldmine – the Glad Cafe. The small theatre, concealed behind a cafe, is the perfect venue for the intimate show that is A Christmas Carol. The tiny room was filled with foldable plastic chairs, but the crampedness only added to the atmosphere. The creaks of the old chairs emphasised the silence of some scenes, no need for constant speech when the theatre allows you to see every minuscule expression on the actors’ faces.

The show itself was wonderful, a true echo of Dickens’ classic story while at the same time adding its own little quirks. Because the show was so intimate, it did not matter to anyone that actors forgot their lines and had to be prompted – this is all a part of live theatre. A Christmas Carol is a story most of us are familiar with, but the production was still gripping even though the audience knew what was coming next, with the performers keeping us interested in them and their stories.

The only downside to the play was the length – while it could be said that seats in places like the Edinburgh Playhouse or the Kings Theatre in Glasgow are uncomfortable, nothing compares to the feeling of being sat on a fold-out plastic chair for three hours.

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