Review: The Travelling Band by Isabelle Gajo


Dimmed red lights, massive sound, and five passionate and energised musicians on stage is what brought the crowd down in the basement of Broadcast to boil on a Friday night. In the small but crowded room, the atmosphere had a private and personal touch, with a rousing bond created between the performers and audience.

This was thanks to the five young men from Manchester called The Travelling Band, who are momentarily on their autumn tour through the United Kingdom. With the Glaswegian opening-act Revolving Doors, who didn’t only bring the crowd to rock with their moving tunes but also with their humour and charm, the audience was pre-heated for a thrilling night.

10726626_10152746868781224_226655964_nHaving been up to Glasgow several times, The Travelling Band loves performing in the artsy and musical city. Although the band’s not from Scotland, they’ve created a bond between their music and the country, by having recorded their second album “Screaming is Something” (2011) on the Isle of Mull. The band had the chance to record it at a friends’ house on the isle, vocalist and guitarist Jo Dudderidge revealed. Two years later in 2013 they finally broke their fans anticipation and cause another wave of excitement with their third album release “The Big Defreeze” in 2013. This time the album was recorded down in London.

10735668_10152746868711224_367757557_nWith the combination of catchy guitar lines, punchy vocals and ear-soothing harmonies the five talents successfully capture us and make us move to their bubbly sounds. Seeing the passion and way of playing really shows us how these men complement each other in their work and talent; an excellent experience as an audience if you ask me! So, if you are not only looking for a night out with upbeat tunes but also want to experience a fabulous live performance, you should definitely think about hitting up one of their gigs in the future.

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