‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails’ – Top Hat Review

By Sabrina Matthäus


With a spectacle of glitter, fancy dress and tap dancing – exactly what every musical needs – hit show ‘Top Hat’ sweeps its audience from their seats into the magical world of the 1930’s. Based on RKO’s ‘dancing picture’ from 1935, this award-winning musical production takes Irving Berlin’s music to a whole new level.

As soon as the first note sounds, everybody cranes their necks to spy of the source. The orchestra music fills the hall, and as ears adapt, the protagonist Jerry Travers (played by Alan Burkitt) tap dances his way onto the stage. The professional dancer quickly falls in love with Dale Tremont (Charlotte Gooch), who mistakes him for her friend Madge Hardwick’s (Rebecca Thornhill) husband Horace (Clive Hayward), resulting in a hilarious case of mistaken identity. Entertaining Italian dressmaker Beddini (Sebastien Torkia) and butler Bates (John Conroy) complete the gang.

Number after number, Jerry and his ensemble earn their round of applause. It is nearly impossible to pick favourites as all of the cast stick out at some point – whether through dancing, singing, delivery or expressions – each stealing the show at every turn. While the plot is not far from the usual ‘boy meets girl’ story, the music, humour and sheer talent of the cast make sure no one leaves without a smile on their face.

This great mix of music, dancing, and singing is undoubtedly the success to this fan-favourite – making it an unmissable experience for every musical lover.

Premiering in 2011 at London’s West End, ‘Top Hat’ is currently on a 47-week tour through the UK and Ireland running until July 2015, and is playing in Glasgow until December 13th.


To find out more go to http://www.atgtickets.com/shows/top-hat/theatre-royal-glasgow/

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