‘The Newsroom’ is for everyone

By Liam Bruce

IT can be said the best show on television returned to our screens this November. The Newsroom written by Aaron Sorkin, in its final run of episodes, is gearing up for the most ambitious stories ever.

The drama set in the American news network, Atlantic Cable News (ACN) sees Will McAvoy (Jeff Bridges) and MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) planning their wedding and taking on the biggest story the network has ever handled.

The HBO show, which has toned down its self-righteousness since its slated first season, has since gone from strength to finale with Sorkin at the helm. With regards to the writing, the viewer can feel that Sorkin is not struggling as he did in his final days of The West Wing. With The Newsroom, the feeling is fresh despite being in its final episodes, perhaps due to the fact the programme is based on real life news events, that the audience can relate to, not merely made up fantasies.

Heavy on dialogue the programme has occasionally suffered from its own, intentionally comic writing, with credibility and realism taking a hit for the clumsy reporters being made to fall over or walk into glass doors. So far, season 3 has seen less physical comedy and more drama, which can only be a good thing as the team fight on many fronts.

The sensational performance of Jeff Bridges as anchor, Will McAvoy, delivering his famed monologue in the season one opener is perhaps the most inspiring piece of screenwriting in a generation, certainly for a journalist. But of course we expect nothing less of Aaron Sorkin.

If in the market for a piece of brilliantly written realism, The Newsroom is for you. If in the market for a laugh and a cry, The Newsroom is for you.  Need I go on?


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