Beartooth Interview


We spoke to Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, as they got ready to rock The Cathouse on their first UK headline tour promoting new album, Disgusting.

How’s the tour going?
It’s going great, way better than I expected it to be, honestly. I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean this is our first time headlining over here so it’s kind of just “I guess we’ll come over and see what happens” and every show’s sold really well, everyone’s had a really good time.

Have you noticed any differences between American audiences and British audiences?
So far, compared to our previous shows, they seem to sing a whole lot louder, which is cool. Every show seems like they’ve been crazier than most of the shows I’ve ever played, it’s great.

Beartooth started when you were in Attack Attack, how did they band progress from being a side-project, to something more prominent?
It started out just me, I didn’t have any band members or anything, I just had these songs that I’d been writing. From there I got hit up by a friend of mine who said he would manage it if I wanted to take this on full-time, and a few other people I knew said they wanted to get involved. I’d been home for a while and I hadn’t really be doing anything, and I just thought “Why not? Let’s give it a whirl.” Label got involved, booking agent, whole thing. I just had my group of friends that I’ve toured with a lot or have played with at shows locally, and asked “Do you guys want to go and play shows and if this is something full-time would you be down to do it?”. Everyone was down, and it’s all just happened really fast; it’s been spiralling out of control in a way, but it’s been fun.


Is the song Keep Your American Dream about your time in Attack Attack?
No, that song’s actually just about my thoughts on the American Dream. You go to school, you get an education, you get a degree out of university, you get some high-paying job that’s a nine-to-five that you probably don’t even like, you get married, you have kids and you live in a big house with a white picket fence; that’s supposed to be happiness. I don’t quite believe that that is going to make everybody happy, and definitely not me. That song’s just about my thoughts on that. I’m very content doing what I’m doing and it’s not traditional, but I have a good time. It’s pretty much about finding what makes you happy and doing that, instead of doing what people are going to tell you you need to do to be happy.

Do any of the band have any musical guilty pleasures?
I don’t think we have have any guilty pleasures. We listen to some ridiculous music sometimes, like Higher Love by Steve Winwood – we always jam that song. Like, old 80s pop music and stuff, just mess around and jump on each other in the van. We’re just a bunch of idiots, but no we’re not guilty about any of it.

What’s next for the band after this tour?
We go home for a couple of days, have about ten days off, then we’re doing our first headliner in the United States which is a month long. Immediately after that we drive to California to start our tour with Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil. Then we have some time off, then more tours booked, which haven’t been announced yet, but I can definitely tell you that we’ll be back here early next year for a really awesome tour.

Have a look at their “smashing” (see what I did there?) video for The Lines right now.

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