Welsh unique: Gottwood Festival

Articles are popping up left right and centre about which ’boutique-but-underground’ festivals you and your hipster friends should steal away to this summer. Croatia, belgium, bulgaria – anywhere with sunstroke, sea sickness and ‘this-isn’t-the-same-old-song-it’s-a-Duke-Dumont-remix’ is ticking your boxes. Well, I welcome you to it. Because it means you’re overlooking one of the most surprising hidden festivals right here in the UK.

Angelsey, Wales is playing host to the fifth edition of Gottwood festival. Running from 19-22nd June, this arts and electronic music wonder isn’t just boasting a stellar line-up. Tucked in a valley, in a secluded forest under the stars, it’s giving you the chance to dance away the realities of life and discover some of the world’s best DJ’s, producers and rising talent.

Tickets can be yours for a mere £105 and information – along with the full lineup – can be found on the Gottwood festival website.


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