All The Single Ladies! The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

All The Single Ladies! By Eden Thomson

6 red hearts

As the MoonPig advert screeches out from the T.V. reminding you to grab that all-important personalised raunchy card, supermarkets boast completely unnecessary red foil balloon hearts, and restaurants offer the best dinner date deal for you and your sweetheart, you may be one of the hundreds of woman who recoil back into the shadows and declare a Catherine Tate classic: “what a load of old s**t”.

No, you’re not bitter. You’re pretty normal. Both lonely and loved-up ladies everywhere can feel rather blue if she is somewhat let down on February 14th and for some it represents horror ghosts from the past.

Whether you’re recovering from a broken-heart, your loved one(s) are far from home or you really just don’t believe in all the fuss, it’s time to kick Valentine’s Day’s ass and see it all from a whole new perspective.

Okay, so you don’t have Prince Charming or the perfect plans for Valentine’s Day but Cupid might have someone new in his sights… No, it’s not the guy you seen in Tesco.

It’s YOU. Okay, so maybe once it was naff and vain to LOVE YOURSELF but really, nothing more in the world makes as much sense. After all, if you can’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to?

So this Valentine’s you ARE going on a date.. with YOU. Think about it.. You’re the perfect candidate! You know what you like, want and need, you won’t hurt yourself, let yourself down and quite frankly you don’t need anyone else.

You’re amazing; you look great in those new jeans, you aced that last exam, you succeeded at that job interview. It’s time to give yourself more credit, you deserve it and what better time to do so than on Valentine’s Day! So this is the plan…

Start your day by making a list of all the things you LOVE about yourself.. okay, this might feel weird at first, but try it, it’ll be a great confidence boost and you’ll be so surprised with what you come up with. Perhaps start with.. ‘I love myself because I study something fantastic at university’ .. and take it from there. It could be something as small as: I love myself because I make a great spaghetti bolognese or I love myself because I saved my neighbour’s dog.. maybe not.. but you get the idea.

Now it’s time for the Valentine’s gift.. spend the money you would have on your rotten ex-boyfriend on yourself and purchase something awesome just for you! Or agree with your partner to spend the money you would on gifts on something completely different if it’s not your thing. Go ahead and buy yourself some sexy underwear! Who needs a Valentine’s bedroom date.. wear them just for you.. you’ll feel fab!


For your evening entertainment make yourself (or order if you’re not Gordon Ramsay) your favourite foods for dinner.. share them with family and single friends or have a greedy session to yourself watching your favourite movie. Pamper yourself! If not at a spa, then at home! You’ll feel beautiful and relaxed and remember to tell yourself that it’s not to impress others but just for you. Why not treat your friends and family to a great day/night out.. nothing will boost your confidence more than spending time with people who care.. even if it’s not a George Clooney.. after all, the people you love don’t usually stop at a boyfriend.. so spread the love to friends, family, pets and your smartphone! Too far?

My last survival tip is to remember that Valentine’s Day is just another day. Don’t take it too seriously; if your boyfriend doesn’t show up with a dozen roses don’t take it to heart and don’t cry because all your friends have a loved-up evening planned and you’re going home to cuddle the cats. It’s just another day and you have a million other things to smile about.

Also, this isn’t a negative thought but a positive one. I’m not in any way against love or Valentine’s Day and I do wish all happy couples a wonderful time.


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