Eyes of Munity’s ‘Hope’

By Martina Stefanova

Only a year after releasing their debut album Courage, Eyes of Munity surprise their fans with a new single accompanied by a music video.


‘Hope’, like its predecessors, has this immensity and unexpectedness attached to it, and one can’t help but wonder where do these guys get their inspiration from?

The new song has its own personality and doesn’t fail to deliver Eyes of Munity’s unique sound, great lyrics and what is crucial for every band – unity.

Even if you’re not familiar with their music, you could easily tell just by listening to ‘Hope’, that Austin, Ben, Theo, Kiran and the newest member of Eyes of Munity, Ryan, each bring their own visions into the process of creating a song, and combine them in such a manner that makes it hard not to click on repeat; more than a dozen times.

‘Hope’ is a symphony – a combination of thousand ideas, melodies and visions.

Just when you thought you figured out the rhythm of the track, it swifts you off your feet and points you at the opposite direction.

The music video was released on 28th January this year, with Roman O’Toole, Terry Sam and Ben Ogunbiyi standing behind the scenes and being responsible for the band’s second official music video.

Recorded, mixed and produced by guitarist Austin Chapman-Dainty, ‘Hope’ is featured in the band’s third EP, which is being kept on the down low.

While their debut album Courage was a representation of the band’s struggle to get ahead on the London music scene, ‘Hope’ truly establishes them as one of the lead unsigned metal-core bands in Surrey.

The guys shared another hope of theirs – a future gig in Glasgow.


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