BEAUTY: Keep smooth like the A-listers

By our Beauty blogger, Louisa Power of RaraRouge

This week I am continuing the theme of organic beauty product. And let me tell you skippy, I am pretty darned excited to spread the word about this wonder product. It’s magic. To be precise, it is Egyptian Magic. This little gem is apparently what a slew of A-list celebs (including Madonna) use to keep their skin silky smooth. I have been using this product for near 4 weeks now and I can concur my skin does feel amazing. Thankfully, I have not developed a poor show of an English accent as a side effect (*cough* Madonna).



There are only 7 ingredients in this product that include olive oil and royal jelly extract which are very nourishing for your skin. There is also honey in it which acts as a natural spot fighter which will help clear up stubborn acne. The consistence is more like a balm than a cream, so prior to slapping it on your face, warm it up between your fingers. At first I felt it would be too heavy for my skin (I have a combination skin type) but when I awoke in the morning it had sunk in completely and my face felt like a baby’s touchey. I have also been using it on my 2 year old daughter’s eczema and it has helped massively.

egyptian magic


The other thing I LOVE about this product is that it is multi-purpose. You can also use it to help minimise the appearance of stretchmarks, promote wound healing for small cuts and grazes and as a makeup remover. I have also used it as a hair mask with FAB results. I abuse the crap out of my hair, I don’t’ bleach it, I nuke it. I pop some of this product on damp hair every 2 weeks (focusing on the ends- for the love of god, stay away from the roots) and brush it through. It has made my hair much stronger and shinier. Egyptian Magic can be hard to find in the UK but I snapped up a tub from TILT makeup online: for £22.95!

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