Girls: Season 3 so far

By Shelley Queen

Girls, Season 3.

Sky Atlantic, Monday 10pm.

Girls, the show responsible for a thousand “ thought pieces” is back and ready to show us more twenty-somethings struggling between the awkward limbo between childhood and adulthood.

If you haven’t watched up to the latest episode, then beware of spoilers below.

Quick recap: Season two ended with Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) OCD spiralling out of control, and into her ear-drum. Marnie (Alison Williams) got back together with Charlie (Christopher Abbott) . Again. Jessa (Jemima Kirke) was missing and being her terribly British self. And Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) was doing… something that involved wearing a Forever 21 dress. There we go.

So onto Season 3 we venture, in a two episode special. So it appears Hannah and Adam (Adam Driver) are in a stable relationship after Adam came to her rescue post-haircut (as Shoshanna so perfectly described it as looking “like a little boy on a fancy cookie box”) and in a bizarre turn of events, Adam seems to be the weird moral compass and has adopted the position of ‘carer’ with Hannah going to therapy, taking her medicine and being back on track with her novel.

Who would of thought the scary, perverted Adam of Season One would develop into this? Although an awkward encounter with his ex Natalia (Shiri Appleby) and hilariously bad-ass best friend (Amy Schumer) leading to probably one of the funniest insults ever shouted in a coffee shop “Enjoy your urine-soaked lives together!” being uttered – highlighted this ever present fragment of his character.

Other than that, a seemingly changed Adam, especially after his honest and sincere talk with Marnie post-breakup at Hannah’s doomed awkward dinner party table.


It will probably sound bad to day this, but Marnie in meltdown is waaaay more fun than Smarmy Marnie from Season One. Hooray for character development! So, as probably predicted, Jessa has ended up in rehab, and in her usual way, is “taking down the man” with her rebellious spirit and reluctance to do anything anyone else is doing. She is causing havoc and has found another eccentric to bond with (one of the therapists, played by Richard E Grant) – and once again, British.

It’s kind of a bizarre fetishization… seemingly known for standing in queues and having a stiff upper lip, all the British characters shown on this programme are free spirits wandering about and telling everyone to bugger off. So be it.


So off we go, on a road trip to go rescue Jessa who gets kicked out of rehab for “fraternising” with none other than Orange Is The New Black’s ‘Taystee’ (played by Danielle Brooks). What is actually quite a fun trip – with one of my favourite moments coming from Hannah and Shoshanna singing Maroon 5’s One More Night at the top of their voice before Adam hitting the stereo with a level of rage seemingly only reserved for bad singing of pop music – is, as it often is, ruined by Hannah’s search for “a bigger meaning” behind the trip.


That’s the thing with Girls. The reason it isn’t the new Sex In The City is that you won’t hear anyone declaring that they think they are “more a Marnie than a Hannah” because honestly, you don’t actually want to be any of them. Here’s to more misadventure and mistakes throughout this season.


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