EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: You Me At Six ‘Cavalier Youth’

You Me At Six come to conquer with new album Cavalier Youth and boy do they do it in style.


As if headlining Wembley stadium for The Final Night of Sin wasn’t enough for the Surrey quintet they have returned with what can easily be shelved as their greatest offering to date.

Heading over to Los Angeles to record with one of the world’s best rock producers Neal Avron (the man behind New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park to name a few) the lads had to prove once and for all they weren’t a band who released the same single track albums but one who had a solid album from start to finish.

Increasing number of fans and larger venues has taken You Me At Six to their full potential with the release of their fourth studio album Cavalier Youth proving that there is so much more to come.

Opening the album, ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’ draws you right into the anthemic nature on offer with slick guitar riffs already prepared to be performed in front of thousands with memorable chants and hair raising choruses in the shape of ‘We are believers!’ on first single ‘Lived A Lie’.

You Me At Six have progressed from pop-punk, dabbling in alternative rock to a band that have evolved into bona find rock with the attitude and talent to pull it off.

There is nothing that could have been done differently to make Cavalier Youth any greater than what it is: a bloody great rock album with singer Josh Franceschi’s powerful melodies leading the band onto bigger and better things.

Offerings from ‘Carpe Diem’ give the album a feel reminiscent of Green Day, ‘Be Who You Are’ brings the relaxing LA sun to the album but the song that shows how much the guys have grown and developed as a band is ‘Fresh Star Fever’ with melodies and pounding beat showcasing the talent You Me At Six have to offer.

They said Wembley was a one off but we should expect to see them headline more arenas in the near future due to the determination and hard work You Me At Six have put in to Cavalier Youth, a labour of love for the band and a treat to the fans – which there will be many of with this release.

You Me At Six have come into their own and are taking over the rock scene.


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