BEAUTY: How to give a smooth and silky kiss!

By our beauty blogger, Louisa Power of RaraRouge

First off, I hope y’all had a wonderful Crimbo and New Year with your nearest and dearest. I spent my time off eating a metric tonne of crap everyday with the result I now need to wash myself with a rag on a stick in the back garden.  Now ensues the panic that I will have to shift festive fatness to fit into a series of dresses for a number of events I have this year. If all else fails I can just do this to shift the stubborn last few pounds.weight 1

Anyway! Along with getting in shape and promoting my longevity of life, my other New Year’s resolution was to use more organic beauty products. Unlike losing weight, I am actually looking forward to doing this. This week I want to tell you all about a wondrous little find I got my hands on just before the holidays. I suffer with dry lips; it is most likely due to the cold weather and the fact my husband shaves every first Sunday in the middle of the week. So it’s basically like snogging my old high school hockey teacher Mrs Barnes. At least I presume so anyway.  God rest her soul.



I was sent a chapstick by the folks at Harlequin Cosmetics to try out- and it is amazing. My go-to for dry lips has always been Vaseline. I have never been a fan of the chapstick as I do not find them nourishing enough. However, I have been using this for the last few weeks and not only does it make my kisser smooth and silky, it tastes like chocolate! It is also organic, supports fairtrade AND is paraben and sulphate free.  I also love the fact that the company was set up by the company’s owner, Becky, when she was only 14! Sisters are in fact, doing it for themselves.

Fancy checking out Harlequin Cosmetics for yourself? You can do so here: They are also on Twitter: @Harle_Cosmetics


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