BEAUTY: Shoe slipping problems – fixed!

From our beauty blogger Louisa Power of RaraRouge

During one of my regular trawls through Twitter I came across a new company that had come up with a rather nifty product to resolve the pressing issue of ‘slippy shoes.’ What I am referring to specifically is high heels that slip off at the heel if they are a shade too big.

falling off heels

I personally own many ill-fitting pairs of shoes for a whole host of reasons. The two main factors are: panic buying during the post-Crimbo sales where they only had a size bigger than mine in that style; and that I refused to give up wearing my fave heels during pregnancy with the result I stretched them to buggery. I have tried oodles of different methods to resolve this from insoles to curling my toes as I walk thus making me look like I worked in the Ministry of Funny Walks.


As Crimbo party season is upon us, I have been putting away my sensible work plimsolls and cracking out the killer heels. My go-to scandalously sexy black stilettoes are half a size bigger than my feet so to resolve this I slipped in the ¼ sized insert into the toe of my shoe. The sizers themselves are made of a soft foam and are ridged to cushion your toes nicely. They are also latex-free and waterproof but can also just be run under the tap and re-used! Sizers come in 3 different sizes: ¼, ½ and 1 dependent on how ill-fitting your shoe is. I found wearing them very comfortable and it was amazing to be able to wear my favourite heels again without having to compromise my safety (by which I mean falling down due to the shoes slipping).

Fancy checking them out for yourself? You can do so on their website

One last thing, I am up for a beauty blogging award so if you could take two minutes and vote for me I would really appreciate it – you can do so here.

From me Louisa, have an amazing Christmas and New Year and I’ll be back with more beauty tips for you in 2014!

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