BEAUTY: The Edit Wax Guru in West End Wax and Beauty


From our beauty blogger Louisa Power of RaraRouge

wax pic

Last week I went for my Crimbo de-fluffing at West End Wax and Beauty in Partick. This year I was asking Santa for silky smooth skin…wow that looks a lot creepier in print than it did in my head.


I know many folk like me have had some waxing horror stories. Too often I have staggered out of the salon like John Wayne with my lady garden a blaze like some kind of intimate inferno. And who can’t relate to the 80’s pink eyeshadow look after a brow wax that was too hot? Shaving is only for emergencies, like if you have to save a stranded kitten whilst wearing a two piece bikini at short notice.


I loved the 50’s pin-up feel to this salon; it was super cute and girly. Debs the owner was warm and genuine which was very reassuring as I was about to let her to pour hot wax on me! I opted to get my brows, underarms, ‘gentleman greeter’ and legs done. Debs explained that she does not use the bog standard strip and honey wax approach but a posh French brand that literally looks like molten gold. The amazing thing about this product is that it only sticks to the hair and not the top layer of skin thus making it a lot less painful. HAPPY DAYS!

wax 2

Throughout the treatment I could fully appreciate just how talented Debs was at her job. As well as whipping off the wax, she was able to skilfully remove a couple of unsightly ingrown hairs- ah readers I feel you are really getting to know so much about me this week, why don’t we braid each other’s hair and talk about cute boys after you are done reading this? #BFFs

I personally will be going back again to West End Wax. Not only do students get a 25% discount at all times, it is also the most chilled yet thorough wax I have ever had. I came out with the ability to walk like a normal human afterwards and didn’t look as if I had been dragged naked across a carpet by my feet! Fancy trying West End Wax and Beauty out for yourself? Check them out on Twitter or phone on 0141 237 1778.

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