Christmas Countdown: 9 days to go…


Up until yesterday I didn’t feel very festive and last night the X Factor final struck some sort of emotion and now I feel the Christmas countdown is officially on and I am running out of time to see all my favourite festive films/sample all the Christmassy drinks from Starbucks. My favourite things about Christmas is how people act and the bonkers effect it has on everyone.



Crazy shoppers:

I work in retail and we always say there are two types of shoppers: the crazy one who will push in front of everyone else to get the last size 5 UGG boot for her daughter who wants and deserves them so much (sure), and the lovely relaxed shopper who has organised everything in advance, but just out to enjoy the hustle and bustle of this time of year. You can guess what one is best to serve in the shop…Standing behind the cash desk I just laugh at all the crazy shoppers.


Mental nights out

Work nights out, in fact any nights out get extra fun around this time of year. It becomes of prime importance to get a new outfit, and drink the best of the best. Girls in my work were drinking champagne and cocktails, and one girl lost a shoe – how does that even happen – it’s Christmas, there’s something in the air that makes everyone too excited to control themselves. Love it!



Everyone seems to be more generous at Christmas time, and charities raise so much money around this time. Charities like the Shoebox Appeal and Cash for Kids bring everyone together and ensure that the less fortunate are taken care of too.


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Mandy xxx


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