BEAUTY: ‘Recognize Style’

From our beauty blogger, Louisa Power of RaraRouge

Last week I was invited to attend ‘Recognize Style’, a student fashion event through in Edinburgh. The students in charge of organising the event were from the prestigious Heriot Watt University which is one of the front-runners in Scotland in fashion education.


What really caught my attention about this particular event was that all of the proceeds raised would be going to worthy The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).  The premise behind the event itself was to stamp out the stigma of mental health in the community and build a better awareness of this aspect of health.  The work SAHM does is fantastic. As a student nurse, I am all too aware of the integral role 3rd sector organisations play in supporting our society’s health and well-being. I felt that attending this event could not have come at a better time, as I had just finished my clinical placement in mental health out in the east end of Glasgow. I had seen first-hand how vulnerable individuals suffering with mental ill health could be and how factors such as poverty and social isolation can push them out to the margins of society.  I was therefore delighted to get involved in this project and spread the good word of SAMH.

Jemma-Kate McSheffrey

Jemma-Kate McSheffrey

The night consisted of a number of live acts; my fave was Jemma- Kate McSheffrey.  Jemma has a beautiful voice to accompany her folk/trad style and is well worth a look. The heart and soul of the event was the fashion show itself. I was blown away by the sheer talent of the student’s work. There was such an electric mix of design; from Amber Hunter’s menswear which was punchy and bold to my fave, Conquer the Doubt a women’s wear label that was ‘inspired and designed for the urban glamazon.’ I have no doubt that we will be seeing some of these bright young things trailblazing their home-grown talent down in London town in the near future. The show was seamlessly blended with light and music, it was easy to forget that this had all been put together by a group of students in 10 weeks.

Amber Hunter

Amber Hunter

Conquer the Doubt

Conquer the Doubt

Now, the models’ makeup. We all know I love my slap. The theme for the models’ look was understated androgyny to give the clothes on show all the glory. Think Ziggy Stardust on a Sunday morning. The face was matt and beautifully contoured using matt mineralized bronzer which is amazing at making cheek bones pop. The eyes were subtly shaded along the brow bone and had a slick of gloss to add shine and depth. Lips were nude with a hint of gloss which created an overall polished appearance.

I was honoured/terrified to be asked to sit in on the beauty panel during the event alongside two very up and coming names in the fashion industry. One of the panelists had just finished an internship at Hermes and the other ran her own successful fashion magazine and was about to explode out into the London fashion scene. Then there was lil ole me, a wide-o that runs a beauty blog. It was great to get the word out about the blog and promote that the ideas behind my musings were female friendly. Again drawing from my mental health placement, I had seen many painfully thin girls and young women waiting outside the eating disorders clinic and it has really motivated me to continue spreading my views at the heart of my blog: beauty is for everyone, not just size zero.

Recognize was a roaring success, the perfect combination of looking good and doing good. Fashion with a heart and soul.

Fancy checking out SAMH yourself? You can do so here.


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