Thankfifi will give immediate fashion advice on Twitter

Fashion forward-thinkers Mallzee have teamed up with Glasgow’s best known fashion blogger Wendy Gilmour of Thankfifi to give Twitter fans tips on blogging, shopping and clothes. The award winning blogger will be taking over Mallzee’s own Twitter tomorrow night between 7-8pm and is looking for questions from all you students.


Did you come to The Edit’s Media Week last year and listen to Wendy’s talk on blogging and using social media? If you did you’ll know how clued up she is on fashion and the online world, and will be keen to listen to more of her tips! If not, take it from us she knows a thing or two about looking stylish, picking the right clothes and marketing yourself online.

If you’re interested in asking her a question follow Mallzee @MallzeeHQ and Wendy @Thankfifi, and get involved in the Q&A sesh.


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