BEAUTY: Bourjois

By our Beauty Blogger, Louisa Power of Rara Rouge

Whenever Bourjois brings out a new product, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be in Boots the next day like a rat up a drain pipe, waving my money around in the air like a yocal. I snapped up 2 of their new Colour Edition 24H Cream to Powder Shadows (RRP  £6.99) in shades Kaki Cheri and Or Desir. Now I am terrible at French. I know I am pronouncing these shade names wrong in my head. It’s like the time I picked up an old Blondie album and turned to my mum and said ‘I don’t remember Debs singing a song about a bloke called Dennis?’ to which my mother replied its ‘Denis, you fool!’ But I have to say having the shades written in French does look fancy and expensive. I also bought Bourjois’ new ‘Volume Clubbing Mascara’ (RRP £7.99) in Ultra Black.


Let’s do the shadows first. They really do what it says on the tin. I have never really been a huge fan of the cream shadow but these are fab. They have a workable formula that blends seamlessly to a powder finish. It means that you can break one of the makeup 10 commandments, ‘Thou shalt not mix cream based shadows with powder based, or thou will looketh like a circus performer’. But with these you can! Or Desir is a stunning shimmery gold colour that can be subtly worn during the day or smoked out for an evening look. Kaki Cheri is a deep olive green with flecks of shimmering goodness through it; I love how different it is to the host of other humdrum shades out there.  Oh! And they don’t crease either – #result.


Up next is the ‘Volume Clubbing Mascara.’  It has a long lasting formulation and good chunky brush that adds some serious length and volume to your peepers.


But guess what? Boots is running my fave little promotion, the old buy 3 for 2! This would be a great opportunity to start stocking up on Crimbo pressies or if you’re a crazy cat lady- loads of stuff for yourself!


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