Music Monday: The Feeling

By Amie Grimason

“We can’t thank you guys enough for how loyal you’ve been, we love you Glasgow”, shouts The Feeling front-man, Dan Gillespie as they are halfway through their sold out show at Oran Mor.


Bathed in a white spotlight as they opened with new single ‘Blue Murder’ from their new album The Boy Who Cried Wolf, it showcases Gillespie’s pitch perfect vocals and the boys’ impeccable timing.

Not bad for a band who are somewhat considered ‘has beens.’

After recently changing record companies and signing with BMG Chrysalis, the new album shows a different direction for the band.

Tracks including ‘Anchor’, ‘Rescue’ and ‘I Just Do’ are performed to perfection and are well received by the crowd.

It’s clear that they all spawned from the breakdown of Gillespie’s five year long relationship.

He describes the heart breaking ‘You’ll See’ as the “saddest song on the f*cking record” and the emotion is clear in his voice as he belts out every note.

However it was the band’s older offerings that attracted the biggest reaction from the crowd by a mile.

Hits including ‘Fill My Little World Right UP’, ‘Rose’, ‘I Thought It Was Over But It’s Not’, ‘Antique’, ‘Sing It Like I Mean It’ and ‘Never Be Lonely’ were the definite crowd pleasers.

The loyal fans, ranging from children to grandparents, put on quite a show themselves during these songs.

Antics including clapping, stamping feet, jumping, dancing and singing the lyrics back to Gillespie showed that The Feeling were close to each of their hearts.

The encore itself was undoubtedly, sensational; the band started off by playing a medley of their favourite rock songs including ‘Pinball Wizard’ by The Who, ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen, ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ by Pink Floyd and ‘Park Life’ by Blur.

Not only showing that The Feeling are versatile but that they know how to play their instruments to perfection and have fun when they are on stage.

Finishing off with a rendition of ‘I Love It When You Call’, Gillespie encouraged the crowd by shouting “Jump! There’s no excuse!”, as they sang back every single word to him.

Despite having less success now than they did seven years ago, The Feeling showed fans that they are just doing what they love to do; ultimately play their music to anyone who will listen and enjoy it. Just like any other band, really.


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