BEAUTY: Collection Cosmetics

From our beauty blogger, Louisa Power of RaRaRouge

So this week I thought I would do a cheeky wee post about Collection cosmetics. I have fallen in love with this fab high street range recently, as their products are super pigmented and long lasting at a great price. Lord knows I love me a bargain!

During the week I picked up two of the ‘Gothic Glam’ nail polishes (RRP£3.19) and two ‘Work the colour eyeshadow pencils (RRP £3.19).’ Let’s have a keek at the eye pencils first.

eyes 2


I picked up 2 very on trend winter shades, ‘Gunmetal Glitz’ which is a moody silver colour and ‘Denim Diva’ which is a glorious metallic navy shade. ‘Gunmetal Glitz’ is very reminiscent of MAC’s ye olde shade stick in ‘Sharkskin’ they brought out way-back-when, which made me clap my hands with glee! ‘Denim Diva’ is probably my fave as navy is a blonde gal’s best friend. I love how versatile these pencils are. You can slick them across your lids and wear them on their own or use them as a base to build more powder shadows on top. Little tip, when wearing these pencils on their own, blend them out around the crease to smoke out your look. Both shades are stunningly multifaceted, waterproof AND long lasting. Meaning that when you see that guy you fancy making out with kissing someone else at the Crimbo party, your make up will withstand your sobs and defamation of the male species, and inevitable 3am stroll in the lashing snow to the kebab van, #winning. Next up, nails!

nails 2

edit nails 1

These nail polish shades are sumptuous. I chose ‘Phantom’ which is a naughty but nice Cadbury’s purple and ‘Deadly’ which is a dangerously dark gold flecked black. They were a little bit ‘chippy’ so I recommend using a good sturdy topcoat like Nail Tek or something similar. I got tonnes of compliments wearing both of these polishes, they really do stand out.

The best part is that Morrisons is doing a 2-for-£5.00 dealio right now, so why not pick yourself up a bargain?


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