Sports Saturday – Why Everyone Should Work Out

By Jamie Peutherer

Most people dabble in fitness to a degree at some point in their lives, often as a new year’s resolution they pledge to “get fit”. Although I commend making a change like that, you shouldn’t be waiting ’til next year to start exercising, start today. Going on from that, too many people get a gym membership or fitness equipment in January and have usually given up by at least April. I’m going to tell you why you, and everyone else, should change their lifestyle.

I personally think everyone (with some exceptions) should be incorporating some sort of exercise and fitness into their lifestyle, I also think that people would be a lot happier in life if they did make fitness a part of their everyday life. However there are many different reasons why people abstain from being active. Here are some of the most common I find:

  • Laziness
  • Ignorance of the advantages of working out.
  • “I’m too busy”.
  • “I don’t have the money for a gym membership”.
  • Not enough self-confidence.
  • “I don’t know where to start”.

All of these reasons can be countered with evidence. I’m going to go into some of the biggest advantages of working out which will dispel some of these excuses.

The Benefits of Working Out

1) You’ll Look and Feel Better

This is the most obvious reason for most people to start working out. Though vanity may seem like a shallow reason for doing something, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to better yourself through hard-work and long-term commitment.

For both men and women, doing cardio and/or weight training will shed fat and build/tone muscle, bringing out the masculine or feminine shape that the opposite sex are biologically attracted to. e.g the “hourglass” figure for women and the “V-Shape” for men. Not only will this increase your confidence but you’ll gain more interest from the opposite sex and even respect from the same sex for all the effort you’re putting in, it’ll show.

Leading on from this, you’ll build much more confidence in yourself. Not just from the reactions of others, but what you accomplish yourself. You’ll see your body change in the mirror, you’ll say “Damn I’ve lost a lot of weight since last month” or “I can see my chest starting to form”. Little inward thoughts like that end up boosting how you feel about yourself and lead you to continue working out because you know you’re gaining from it.

This new-found confidence in yourself can really change your life, this benefit alone can be convincing enough to start getting active.

2) Health Benefits, a Ton of Them

The health benefits from simply working out a few hours a week are staggering. Here are just some of them:

  • Decrease in unhealthy visceral fat around body.
  • Better functioning heart which leads to better blood flow and lower resting heart rate.
  • Increased bone-density, making bones stronger.
  • Increased muscle mass and reliability. You’ll be stronger and less prone to injuries.
  • Increased energy overall.
  • Increased Dopamine levels in the brain which naturally makes you happier.
  • You’ll tire less.
  • You will literally add years onto your life.
  • You’ll have a faster metabolism which means less fat is stored on the body.
  • Better immune system.
  • Exercise promotes better sleep.
  • Improved sex life.

So you can see clearly how much better life is for you and your body from working out, and this is only some of the health benefits, there is actually so much more in addition to those!

The only drawback that seems to loom over all these so far is that carrying out regular exercise takes time and dedication which take up time from other activities. This leads to my final benefit of working out.

3) Your New Hobby

Yup, that’s right. I bet if you start working out seriously, within 2 weeks, to a month, you’ll be hooked. You’ll get to the point where you feel guilty if you miss a session. You’ll start enjoying your time breaking your physical limits and reaping the benefits of doing so. This activity you used to see as work will become part of your daily life and you’ll start to enjoy it.

I honestly believe that’s what’ll happen if you give it a shot seriously. It happened to me, it happened to many people I know, it happened to all the people I’ve spoken to on fitness forums. It can happen to you too. Once that’s happened, you’ll start becoming a good influence on others and the fitness virus will continue to infect more and more people.

Give it a shot, you’ve nothing to lose.

(For more Fitness blogs check out Jamie’s site


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