World Mental Health Day

By Shelley Queen

“Hey, are you okay? You seem stressed lately. Fancy grabbing a cuppa and having a chat?”

It’s said that a cup of tea can cure all, but when it comes to mental health, a simple chat over a cuppa could help someone in need.

On October 10th, World Mental Health Day, Glasgow Caledonian’s staff and students got together to help raise awareness of mental health issues.The University’s Positive Living and Disability service had set up a #seemefortea stall in the Saltire centre with leaflets and information and were also running a number of workshops, including  mindful meditation, which helps people to manage stress. Although these were just taster sessions, the workshops  run throughout the year, and can help with the strains of studying and work.

They also made sure to highlight the importance of looking out for fellow students, by checking up on them if they seem to be stressed out, or are skipping classes.

The UCU were also there to hand out flyers for free tea and coffee for staff, to encourage them to talk to colleagues if they are feeling  overwhelmed by their workload.
World Mental Health day aims to reduce the stigma of mental health issues, and looks to encourage people to talk – whether it’s to show concern about a friend, or by opening up to a counsellor.With one in four of us experiencing mental health problems at some point in our lives, it’s important to look after ourselves. Whether you are going through a break up, or are experiencing low motivation and confidence, it’s important to explore how you feel in order to be able to manage your emotions and understand yourself better.

There are a number of ways the university can help you through the challenges you can face during your studies.

You can arrange to chat to the Positive Living Team, who have recently launched a new app which allows you to make (or cancel) appointments with ease, or reserve a place on one of the workshops. Or you can call Nightline, a confidential phone line who can listen to your problems and offer support.

You can email the Positive Living team or call them on 0141 273 1393

Nightline’s opening hours run from 7pm-7am, and you can call them on 0141 55 22 555

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