Music Monday: Babyshambles rock the Barrowlands

By Nina Gründing

The wild child of Indie, The Babyshambles visited Glasgow and gave a stellar performance.

Pete Doherty performing with Babyshambles

Pete Doherty performing with Babyshambles

Drugs, scandals, and heaps of talent: The Babyshambles revolve around front man Pete Doherty have been an indie favourite band since their 2005 debut album Down in Albion after Doherty was banned from performing with The Libertines.

In case you haven’t listened to them yet Babyshambles  are, one of many, big name in the indie rock world with songs enfused with elements of ska, Babyshamble songs come with philosophical and at times romantic lyrics.

Some are sad and mellow, others more rapid, but all of them are brilliant.

Pete Doherty and co. swaggered into the Barrowlands Ballroom on September 4 on their “Sequel to the Prequel” tour.

Long before the band started playing, everybody was chanting the refrain of ‘I wish’ and shouting Pete’s name, drowning the bagpiper who entered the stage as a prelude to the concert.

The Babyshambles got started with their old hit “Delivery”, followed by ‘The Blinding’ and new feel-good song ‘Nothing Comes to Nothing’; which was criticized to be too main stream by a lot of fans, however, the band has simply changed their style a little and returns with a pretty energetic tune after a break of six years.

Renowned for being late to gigs or not showing up at all, Babyshambles gave an excellent performance full of energy and dash!

The band played a set of new and old songs, including ‘Pipedown’, ‘Killamangiro’ and ‘Picture Me in a Hospital’.

During the course of the gig, Babyshambles took off their shirts and people began throwing their clothes.

Everybody was covered in sweat and spilled drinks and full of joy.

The highlight was the anticipated performance of ‘I Wish’, backed by a trombone; the brilliant Glaswegian crowd was jumping and screaming along at the top of their lungs.

Altogether their live performance was cracking and definitely worth the attendance! Check out the Babyshambles and fall in love with their tunes.

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