BEAUTY: MUA’s ‘Undressed’ palette vs. Urban Decay’s ‘Naked.’

By Louisa, Rara Rouge


Here is my compare and contrast on MUA’s ‘Undressed’ palette vs. Urban Decay’s ‘Naked.’ It’s the ultimate in high street vs. high end. It’s like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian in a catfight outside ‘Wetherspoons’ on a Saturday night after one-to-many ‘Woo Woos.’ It took me ages to write this piece as I had to take so many breaks. To do what? When I saw the  quality of MUA’s effort and the money I was going to save: I had to run around my lounge spanking my ass shouting ‘YEEE-HARR!’ at the top of my lungs periodically.

Let us all take a moment to thank Jesus/Satan/Santa Claus for this wondrous piece of makeup.

There is a special place in my heart for Urban Decay. Their eye shadow formulas are luxurious and easily blended. The ‘Naked’ palette (RRP £37.00) consists of 12 warm shade (10 metallic and 2 matt). Each pan contains 1.3gs of shadow and it also comes with UD’s ‘Good Karma’ brush. What drew me to this palette was its versatility and Urban Decay’s good name. And the fact that all my friends were buying it. It was really smoking and Westlife all over again.


Top row:MUA’s ‘Undressed,’ Bottom row: Urban Decay’s ‘Naked.’

At first when I heard MUA had done its own version of my precious ‘Naked’, I was sceptical. But I was wrong. It is literally a shade-for-shade dupe! Let me put it in the simplest terms for you. It’s like MUA wrote their own version of a certain famous boy wizard literature series and called it ‘Barry Flotter and the Thinker’s Rock.’ The palette contains 12 shades (again, 10 metallic and 2 matt) all warm shades that are extremely wearable. Cheaper shadows tend to produce considerable fallout when they contain glitter particles; this was not the case with this product. I was astounded that the shadows didn’t crease to buggery either and the colour payoff was incredible. You are also getting some serious pigmentation and although the pans do not contain as much product as UD’s, IT’S ONLY £4.00!!! (* gets up to run around the lounge again*).


Top row: Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ shades, Bottom row: MUA’s ‘Undressed.’


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