Sports Saturday – New Fitness Column: Get Out There & Train Hard

By Jamie Peutherer

All fitness goals involve hard work, whether you’re a runner, gymnast, martial artist, weight-lifter like myself or any activity you do for exercise. Sure there are ways to cheat and take shortcuts to your fitness goals e.g. Taking steroids and such, but that makes you a loser, in the end you’re only cheating yourself, you won’t be as strong or skilled as someone who got to the same level through sheer determination and willpower alone. It’s like leveling your Pokemon up using infinite rare candies (warning, geek analogy incoming), it might reach lvl 100, but it’s stats ain’t as good as a Pokemon that has been trained all the way to the top.


You have to dedicate yourself to achieve your fitness goal, it takes time, energy, willpower, motivation and balls among other things. By the term balls, I don’t mean “a lack of fear” per se, what I mean is the balls to get up and go and do something you want to do. The drive to chase your goal and eventually grab it for yourself, no one else, instead of sitting and doing nothing and thinking “That’d be good but I’ll give it a miss”. That kind of thinking gets you nowhere, that kind of thinking needs to go, not just for fitness, but for every good opportunity that opens it’s door to you in life.

Eliminate doubt by doing. The best way to remove doubt is to do the thing that you have doubts about. It may lead to good, it may lead to bad, but that’s the beauty of it, uncertainty is exciting. Regardless of whatever happens from destroying your doubt, you’ll have gained something, experience, knowledge and hopefully wisdom. It doesn’t stop there though. You get back up and do the thing again, and if you fall on your ass and fail again, you gain more knowledge, more wisdom, more experience and try again and again. Eventually you will succeed. But it’s not about succeeding, it’s about what you pick up along the way, that’s what the whole quote of “The journey is more important than the end or the start” is all about, though the human being responsible for that little piece of wisdom escapes me at the moment…

What you’ve read above is what fitness teaches you and conditions you to do. The first time a person starts a new type of fitness, for example bodybuilding, they may be disheartened to find that they can only bench press 25kg. Plus they go the first two weeks of starting the fitness in agony due to DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which makes them feel even worse. But, that person gets through all that with planet-ending willpower and determination! They start to see the benefits and changes in their body, mind and life after some time and before he knows it, he benches 100kg and has a gigantic chest, along with the rest of a nicely developed muscle-bound body (Just working chest would make someone look insanely weird).

It doesn’t happen without sacrifice though, our friend had to change his diet, go through injuries, go through pain, plateaus of no gains and plateaus of weights, even haters trying to put him down or tell him it’s a waste of time. He didn’t care though, he is grounded, he knows and feels that this is for him, he can do it, he will do it and as such he reaps the benefits.

This is what should motivate everyone to take the route that our man in this analogy right here took. Not just in fitness, but in life. Have balls, crush doubt, do things while you’re alive and keep training hard!

(For more fitness articles take a look at Jamie’s site


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