Photo of the week: A different culture

POTW - A different cultureInterestingly this woman, amongst several others in the ubiquitous shopping centre of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, are basically woman who will wish bad omens (in effect) onto people. Yes, say hello to an alternative voodoo. Annoyed with someone? Well approach these women with HD$10 (less than £1) and have all sorts of interesting things done to that irritating person in your life… Convinced? Well that’s up to you.

Oh and they are affectionately referred to as the “shoe smacking ladies”… During the ceremony they smack a sandal on the floor. I’m not sure why either! Still, such sights (like the woman above) represent an old Hong Kong that is sadly becoming harder and harder to find. This is because of more and more tier 1 shops taking over from fascinating markets and shops that once were commonplace for the adventurous tourist to behold.



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