Q&A with comedian Liam Cumbers

Comedian Liam Cumbers is a shining example of what Scottish comedy has to offer. His witty observational comedy is delivered to the audience with impeccable timing ensuring he has the whole room laughing from start to finish.

Whether he is hosting a show or performing as a guest it is clear he is in his element from the minute he steps on the stage.

After seeing him perform two guest slots at this year’s Fringe festival I was disappointed to find out that he isn’t dong his own show this year.

However it is clear to me that this talented young comedian could be on our television screens in no time.

I was lucky enough to get to ask him a few questions on his comedy, The Fringe and what the future has in store for him.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in comedy?
I have always been a fan of all types of comedy and I always found myself making jokes about mates and different situations. People were always saying to me “you should do stand up” so I found a free comedy course at the Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival in 2010 and I’ve been going ever since.

What is the worst gig you’ve ever done?
The one that sticks out in my mind was a gig in Penicuik. Let’s just say a women was offended by one of the acts and started attacking the stage with pint glasses ….and I also died on my hole.

What approach do you usually take to your comedy?
If I’m booked to just do a slot I’ll do whatever the time scale of the slot allows. I always love to do audience participation though whether I’m just performing a slot or I’m hosting a gig.Liam Cumbers

How do you come up with ideas for your material?
I don’t really know. A lot of my material is observational, things I have had happen in my life or my friend’s lives that I find funny. I always seem to come up with new ideas when I don’t think about comedy, as soon as I take my mind of writing material I seem to get more ideas.

Who is your favourite comedian and why?
If I had to put it down to one comedian, I would have to say Russell Howard. Ever since I first seen him on ‘Mock the Week’ I’ve always been a huge fan. I love his ‘Good News’ and all his DVD’s, that man just knows how to make me laugh

What is the best thing about an event like The Fringe?
I love The Fringe, I think I’m one of the many little acts that like it. The best thing about it is that acts, promoters, agents and so forth from all over the world are in one place. You get to see some of the best shows around before most of them go on tour.

What are the best shows you’ve seen at this year’s Fringe festival?
I haven’t seen many shows but have been a guest to some great ones like ‘Dunn Mutch with Friends’ and ‘Aberdeen vs Glasgow vs The World’. I would also say check out the ‘Scottish Comedy Festival’ at the Beehive Inn. There are a few comedians who shows I would recommend looking out for such as: Gareth Mutch, Robin Grainger, Vladimir McTavish, Tony Jameson, Tony Law and the awesome Tom Stade.

What is next for you?
I’m just going to keep gigging away and doing what I’m doing. I am thinking about putting on a free Fringe show next year (2014) with a few comedy chums. I didn’t do my own show at The Fringe this year and I miss the hell out of it!

To find out more about Liam and his upcoming gigs go to his website or follow him on Twitter!


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