The Fringe: The Culture Studio

Last week I was in the audience for BBC Radio Scotland’s The Culture Studio hosted by Janice Forsyth. Taking place at the BBC Fringe festivals big blue tent, The Culture Studio sees Forsyth interview Fringe performers, writers, producers (you name it) and highlights the talent this year’s festival has to offer.

I learned that being in the audience of a radio show is very different than just listening to it and I thought I would share my favourite acts from the show.

I’m With the Band
I’m With the Band is about a band that features a Scotsman, an Englishman, a Welshman and an Irishman named The Union. After an argument the Scotsman leaves the band and the play explores how this affects each of the other band members (understanding the reference yet?) While they performed one of their songs the audience watched in amusement as the Scotsman quickly thought of replacement words that began with F. Let’s just say that The Culture Studio is slightly more PG than their script.

Die Roten Punktedie roten punkte
These two really were the stand out act by far, I never stopped laughing the whole time they were on stage. Die Roten Punkte features German brother and sister Otto and Astrid Rot. They caught the attention of the whole audience from the moment they walked on stage (and there was another act on at this point). Astrid described her look as a punk geisha meets snow white and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Their personalities had me laughing from the moment they started the interview and it only got better as they began to perform. Their first song was called Banana House. While Astrid would usually play the drums during this song she did not have her drum kit so instead pretended to play them. She then began singing the song as if she was the banana, as I write this I realise how bizarre it all was. Their second song which had the title ‘I am not a robot I am a lion’ featured a dance solo like no other. Half way through which Otto exclaimed ‘do you think they are enjoying our dancing on the radio?’ There was no way the radio listeners got even half as much enjoyment out of their act as the studio audience did.

Lior is an Australian singer with a seriously beautiful voice and he is a seriously beautiful man as well (had to get that in). He is one of Australia’s most successful singers/songwriters and it is clear to see why. His stripped back performance of just voice and guitar was truly captivating, an approach he is taking to all his Fringe shows. He had the whole audience listening intently to every lyric and when he stopped playing he was met with a loud applause.

The Culture Studio is on BBC Radio Scotland at 14:05 Monday – Friday.


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