The Fringe: Dunn Mutch with friends, interview!

Dunn Mutch with friends is one of the many comedy shows gracing The Fringe with its presence this year and it is one you should definitely go see. The show features Josh Dunn and Gareth Mutch (I mean the name alone makes you laugh) plus a guest all doing their own stand up material. The show I went to see featured Irish comedian Conor Drum as the guest.

The true selling point of the show is that every age group can enjoy it. I think the ‘pensioners’ (Josh’s words not mine) in the audience were laughing just as much as I was.

The show consisted not only of great comedy but freddos, party poppers and at the end of the show they collected money with a pink princess bucket. What more could you ask for?

After the show I got the pleasure of interviewing Gareth and Josh on comedy, The Fringe and girls.

Josh Dunn (left) and Gareth Mutch (right)

Josh Dunn (left) and Gareth Mutch (right)

After a bit of shuffling around we finally find ourselves ready to start the interview and I struggle to hold back laughter as I watch them try to look serious. I begin with asking them why they decided on doing a stand up style comedy show for the fringe when there is so many routes they could have went down and Josh replies with “because we are both hilarious” and I’m back laughing just as much as I was during the show.

I begin scribbling down my notes in shorthand which catches their attention immediately. It takes me a while to retrieve my notebook while they attempt to decipher the illegible scroll until Gareth finally decides “it’s just numbers” and hands me it back.

When I get back focused on the interview I ask how much hard work goes into preparing for the fringe and Josh proceeds to tell me about practising his comedy in front of his mirror with his Lynx Africa aftershave as his microphone. He also looks very pleased with himself as I struggle over the shorthand outline for ‘Lynx’ and end up writing it in long hand. It is like he cracked my code or something.

As both of them have being doing comedy for a while now I asked how performing at the fringe compares to other types of comedy gigs. “I prefer The Fringe,” Gareth tells me. “The show goes on for 25 days so you can change a lot and improve it. By the end of the fringe you should have a really good show. There is also less pressure because it’s a free show.”

Through hard work they are both getting their names out there so I asked them what their advice would be to aspiring comedians. The main point that was clear from both Gareth and Josh was the hard work you have to put in. “You have to really want to do it, if you are known as the ‘funny guy’ it doesn’t necessarily mean you can do it,” Gareth begins. Josh then proceeds “I would say try it five times. Do five gigs and if none of them go well maybe it is not for you.”

I took Lisa, one of my friends, along to see the show with me and allowed her the role of my ‘pen holder’ during the interview. She did however come up with a question for the interview and I think her question got the most enthusiastic response. The subject matter: girls of course and if comedy helps ‘get them’. It is clear being on stage has increased Josh’s confidence when it comes to this subject area: “If I can talk to a room of 500 people and 250 of them are girls why can’t I talk to a girl in a bar?” The same cannot be said for Gareth as he uses the word ‘retreat’ quite a few times in his answer.

However jokes and laughter aside the thing that strikes me about these two is they are both talented guys that are working extremely hard so they can have a career in something that they are passionate about – which is nothing but admirable in my eyes.

Dunn Mutch and friends is on all the way through this year’s Fringe festival. The show is on at 13:15 – 14:15 and is located at 65 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW. Which is relatively easy to find if you have a sense of direction – which I clearly do not.

The boys also have more exciting gigs lined up. Josh will perform at The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow on the 13th of August and the Edinburgh Stand on the 7th of October. Gareth will also be performing at the Edinburgh Stand from the 12th – 14th of December.


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