The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has arrived once again. From Friday onwards Edinburgh streets and venues will be filled with a vast range of talented people. So in anticipation of its imminent arrival I have made a note of a few of the many reasons why you should be attending this year’s festival.the fringe

The big names
This year’s festival does not disappoint when it comes to big names, especially when it comes to comedy (which is of course what The Fringe is best known for.) This year you can see the likes of: Chris Ramsey, Daniel Sloss, Lee Nelson, Sarah Millican, Seann Walsh… (Need I go on?) While the tickets for these acts are at the higher end when it comes to festival prices, in most cases it is still cheaper than what you would pay to see them while touring, so it is a bargain really.

Something for everyone
While it can’t be denied The Fringe is best known for comedy, it covers much more than that. There really is something for everyone. The festival also plays host to: dance and physical theatre, music, theatre, musicals, events, exhibitions and children shows, so there is no chance of anyone not being able to find something that suits them.

It is almost too easy to make a day at The Fringe a free day out. With street performers round every corner (some of which are actually really good) and a collection of free shows in every genre you can have a great day out without even opening your purse.

There really is nothing quite like the atmosphere at The Fringe. The streets are lined with talented individuals all trying to convince you that their show is the one you should go see. During the day you will collect more leaflets than your bag can handle but that is all part of the fun. I rarely ever visit The Fringe with an idea of what show I’m going to see. I wade my way through the ton of leaflets I collect and see what one looks best. I also challenge the individuals on why I should go see their show, they are usually up for the challenge and if they are comedians it is a great way to work out whether they are naturally funny or not.

I hope everyone enjoys this years Fringe festival and stay tuned for my blog posts on what acts I’ll be seeing this year!

If anyone is taking part in this years Fringe and would like me to come see/review their show or if anyone has seen a show at the Fringe that they think is particularly good, drop me an email at


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