Wickerman for Dummies

So you’re going to Wickerman Festival 2013?

If you’re a seasoned camper/festival goer, I’m sure you’ll already have a checklist of essentials ticked off and rucksacks packed. If not, best to grab a tent, wellies, cereal bars, alcoholic beverages of choice and hit the road knowing this weekend’s gonna be a good one. Whether you’re a hardened Wickerman attender or a newbie, here lies a quick rundown of the best of what you can musically expect from the weekend.

The Summerisle Stage

For the definitive outdoor festival main stage experience, look no further.

Primal Scream

Headlining the Friday night, these guys are still very much in the limelight after the release of their 10th studio album ‘No Light’, and supporting fellow 90’s legends The Stone Roses at their highly controversial Glasgow Green show last month. Expect a heroic performance, feelings of nostalgia and fresh multi-tonal vibes that will have everybody from the diehards to the fresh faced groovin

Amy Macdonald

With many a summery anthem to fill the Kirkcudbright air, Saturday’s headliner is sure to keep all the weary festival goers’ spirits up with her world renowned folk pop, setting everyone up perfectly to party through until sunrise.

KT Tunstall

From slow, moody country to foot stomping folk rock, KT is well known for putting on incredible live shows. Everyone from kids to grandparents will find something to like here and whether the sun is beating down or not, it’s bound to be a memorable performance.

Admiral Fallow

Local boys (and girl) doing the Scottish accent proud with their unique brand of Indie Rock. They are sure to be an instant “new favourite band” for many listeners, musicians and non-musicians alike!


When you hear Bellowhead for the first time, you immediately think of festival crowds, Beers in the air and audiences singing along in chorus. If you don’t come away wishing you were a pirate, you’d best drink some rum so that you do – otherwise you’re missing out.

Chic ft Nile Rodgers

Arguably one of the most exciting acts of the weekend. These Gods of Disco will be on hand to dish out the old school grooves such as “Le Freak”, “Good times”, and  “We are Family”. Such high calibre disco tunes being played open air in Scotland is unheard of, so this should be the ultimate in feel good. Chest wigs, flares and platforms encouraged.

Solus Tent

A small but perfectly formed tent that will be bursting at the seams all weekend with the best new bands and artists. No 1 for atmosphere!


Highly charged alt rockers from Glasgow are renowned for putting on some of the most intense and entertaining live shows. Tight melodic riffs, soaring female vocals and crowd participation guaranteed. Their set will likely leave you drenched in sweat with your new favourite song stuck in your head.

Roman Nose

Masked Glaswegian purveyors of the freshest jaggy electro house that will have the whole tent jumping, Roman Nose are the perfect band to set you up for a night of raving over at the “Bass Camp” arena.

Fat Goth

If you like your hard rock, then these are your boys. Intense, in your face, with a sarcastic edge; likelihood of mosh pits? Extremely high. Get a pint of ale down your neck and come enjoy a proper rock show.


Must be seen and heard to be believed! Utterly unique group of around 18 performers who have formed after numerous jam sessions in Glasgow’s best loved Bar Bloc. They will take you on a stunning polyphonic journey.

Bear Arms

Post Hardcore at its finest. Huge riffs, charging choruses all played by handsome hairy, tattooed boys with a penchant for distortion. What’s not to like?


GONorth Tent

Next door to the Solus Tent , similar feel but with a different crop of new artists for you to savour.

Three Blind Wolves

Scottish masters of Rock n’ Roll/Country. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, straw hat and a willing partner for a hoe down.


From the ashes of  band“Kitty the Lion” rises a brooding Electro Pop Phoenix: Big bass, infectious hooks and massive production, whether you miss the 80s or you were just born in them, you won’t be able to stop your feet from moving.

Hector Bizerk

Hailing from Glasgow, this trio prove that sick Hip Hop doesn’t have to come from Lower Compton Boulevard. Some of the rawest, most natural flow you’ll see from any rapper; prepare to be amazed!

The Ok Social Club

Fancy some proper Indie Rock? These lads will definitely hit the spot! Scratchy guitars? Catchy vocals? Achingly stylish band members? Check, Check and Check. Wayfarers and flip flops optional.


Acoustic Village

Ideal for resting those sunburnt shoulders and ringing ears; guaranteed chill time.

Emma’s Imagination

From her humble busking beginnings outside Glasgow’s St Enoch centre, to TV stardom on Sky 1’s “It must be the Music”, Emma’s song writing and performance skills more than warrant her success! Embrace this chance to see her in such an intimate venue and prepare to be moved.

Tommy Reilly

If his looks don’t then his voice will definitely make all the girls present go weak at the knees. If you enjoy passing a guitar around at house parties then you’ll love Tommy’s simple, stripped back approach. Don’t be fooled though, this talented boy is no amateur!

Pete Roe

Fine English singer song writer with a wholesome foot tapping feel. Come in, sit, enjoy a cold pint of something and leave feeling refreshed.

Zoe Bestel

With looks and a voice to make jaws drop, young Zoe’s lovely mix of delicate ukulele, moody strings and deep bass guitar will leave you with quite the crush. That goes for boys and girls!


Scooter Tent

Welcome to the world of ska punk! If you like your music with a side order of anarchy and rebellion; you’ve come to the right place.

Stiff Little Fingers

Ska Punk Heroes! So good at and loved for what they do, that they are still going strong after 40 years together and are even headlining tents at festivals! Simply legendary.

Random Hand

Quite a modern take on the ska theme, with heavy metal inspired guitars and drums but the fun factor still very much intact. Be sure to bring your air trombone and your ska dance moves.

The Amphetameanies

One of Scotland’s best known and loved staples of the Ska world: guaranteed party atmosphere. If you want to dance like you’re in a Madness music video, you’ll fit right in here!

Bass Camp

If at any point during the musical proceedings mentioned above you feel the need to have your bones shaken by the pure force of electronic bass, then Bass Camp is on hand to keep you entertained with many DJ’s doing their best to shake your fillings out and keep your body moving.

Two highlights are:

Kissy Sell Out

Ex Radio 1 and once holder of a world record for simultaneously mixing the most vinyl records at once (maybe), Kissy is one of the finest electro DJs in the world without question. If you’re prepared to dance like nobody is watching then look no further. NOT TO BE MISSED!


Jaggy techno of the finest fayre, guaranteed to keep everybody throwing shapes until the very wee small hours.

Reggae Tent

Does what it says on the hot tin roof . On hand to deliver some brilliantly original Reggae, with some acts clearly inspired by the greats,yet a lot of modern and interesting electronic instrumentation too.  If you want to feel at one with Rasta, this is the place.

Kids’ Entertainment

Mountain biking, grass sledging, fairground rides, dance workshops and even a cinema?! This is sure to be exciting new for kids and grownups alike.

Word on the street is the youngsters even get their own stage with a line up of family friendly acts to keep them entertained.

The Mermaids

Local acoustic singer song writer sisters Ellen and Rosie will be performing, some of the most beautiful music you’re ever likely to hear, and maybe even some Disney songs! If you have kids, use them as an excuse to go see this pair, if not, find a way of looking under 12 so you can. 1pm on Friday.

2013 has turned out to be quite a remarkable year so far for festivals (just ask anyone who went to RockNess or T in the Park!). Though the season is coming to a close, it looks like Wickerman will be helping it go out with a bang.

From quaint and beautiful acoustic acts to stadium filling rock legends the world over and everything in-between, get ready for a memorable weekend.

Let’s just hope that the weather decides to put on its best performance too.

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