Weekend in Callander

Sometimes it is nice to just get away for the weekend. So my friends and I drove a mere 45 minutes to Callander to enjoy one of Scotland’s many beautiful small towns.

On the Saturday we took a walk up to see the Bracklinn Falls. The beautiful waterfall is surrounded by stunning scenery. The location is so nice that it has attracted the attention of people in the film industry and was shown in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The clear and fresh water obviously enticed walkers by as one man proceeded to take a shower and brush his teeth under the waterfall.

One man decided to take his morning shower in the Falls.

One man decided to take his morning shower in the Falls.

At night we went to The Lade Inn. It featured live music from Scottish, Irish and contemporary folk band Pure Malt. The room was about the size of a living room but I’ve never witnessed an atmosphere quite like it before. The room was packed and everyone was provided with a book filled with songs that they could request to be played. Everyone was joining in and people in the bar even took the microphone themselves. It was a foot tapping night to be remembered.

On Sunday we went into town. Callander is very small, cute, picturesque town. We went to Kings Bookshop which was run by an adorable old couple. The walls were completely filled with shelves that were stacked with a range of books. From the old classics to the modern day every kind of book was there. All the books may have been second hand but they were all in great condition and I walked away with three books for £3.20 – can’t complain about that.

Kings Bookshop

Kings Bookshop

It may not have been a dream holiday abroad but spending the weekend sitting in the sunshine in a beautiful town with good company is pretty perfect.


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