Sports Saturday – One Week Later

By Daniyall Qazi


Last Sunday we all watched as history was made when Andy Murray became the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years.

That about says it all.

Last week also saw history being made in the fight game as Anderson Silva, the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history, lost his middleweight crown last Saturday, after a defending it a record 10 times, when he was knocked out by Chris Weidman in the second round of their fight.

Silva’s record 16 fight win streak in the UFC came to an end in a strange fashion as the champion repeatedly taunted Weidman over the course of the fight. As Silva was clowning the challenger, clearly feigning that he was hurt by one of his punches, Chris Weidman actually ended up landing a huge left hook on the champ, dropping him flat on the canvas and bringing and end to the fight.

There have been so many times over the years that Silva has managed to dodge and counter shots as though he learned to fight in the matrix that it seemed like he may never lose his championship but Chris Weidman showed that you can only tempt fate so many times.

Silva has taunted his opponents in the past, we only need to look back to the Demian Maia fight to see evidence of that, but never this much. Weidman had taken him down in the first round and looked strong but as soon as the fight came back to the standing position, Silva seemed to have no respect Weidman’s striking game. Silva has been so good for so long that the most obvious outcome of his actions shocked the MMA world.

The undefeated, now 10-0, Chris Weidman now holds the crown, but the way in which he captured it has left many wondering if he beat Silva, or if Silva beat himself.

Either way we’ll get a definitive answer soon as the UFC has said it is already looking at different venues to hold the rematch in what could be one of the biggest fights in MMA history.

NEXT WEEK: we may well find out if Gary Hooper will be joining Victor Wanyama on the plane out of Glasgow as Celtic manager Neil Lennon admitted that the striker is likely to leave this summer.


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