Photo of the week: Workers in Phuket, Thailand


Phuket, whilst absent from tuned up taxis – as is commonplace in Bangkok – has its own 4 wheel “Tuk Tuk’s” (local taxis which are predominantly used by tourists)*. They add plenty of noise to the roads – but most importantly character to these streets. As too does the sight above (health and safety fans may have been well advised to have looked away by this point). Such scenes were commonplace, as workers crammed into lorries, pickup trucks and whatever vehicles they can use to accommodate them. All in all (even after multiple visits to Thailand over the years), the place still keeps me engaged and fascinated relative to the H&S conscious ways of life that shapes the UK.

* Featured below is a quirky example of said vehicle:

Thailand's 4 wheeled "Tuk Tuk"

Thailand’s 4 wheeled “Tuk Tuk”


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