Feature Tuesday: “Murray deserves it”

By Hayley Parr

My mother was pacing, I was screaming, the dogs were jumping around- and that was just in my house.

On Sunday 7 July the nation got behind their Dunblane hero Andy Murray to witness history in the making- the first British Wimbledon Champion in 77 years.

The 26-year-old played every second of the three hours 10minutes game to the best of ability against Novak Djokavic winning by 3 straight sets in front of a 15,000 cheering crowd and many more fans behind TV screens and radios around the UK and world.

My Twitter feed was exploding, my mother was now crying and I was shaking, he had done it, and just like Djokavic said in his post final interview- Murray deserves it.

I wasn’t only relieved and pleased for Murray as he grabbed that gold trophy but also for his friends and family who have always been behind, supporting the two grand slam winner. They looked like a weight had been lifted and they could finally relax.

The one thing that stood out during this Wimbledon year was the copious backing from fans Murray received. It brings me a little hope to witness the nation get behind something.

The sporting attitude most people re-gain in the summer months would be nothing without the tennis inspiration during Wimbledon, and Murray truly has inspired many around the UK to get their racket out of the shed and dusted down.

As the BBC documentary played on Monday we saw not the ‘sour-face’ Scot the media have often referred to Murray as but the down to earth man who always plays in memory of the kids and adult who lost their lives during the Dunblane school shootings during 1996.

The documentary ended with Murray walking over to talk to the grounds men of the Wimbledon courts post match and pictures of him hugging his trophy like it was his first born.

In a way, you could describe it like that, it could be his first born Wimbledon win, and next year we may witness the curly headed chap make history once again.


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