Sunday’s News Roundup

MURRAY: For the first time in 77 years a British male has won the Wimbledon Singles title. Andy Murray won in straight-sets against world number one Novak Djokovic.


NHS: Nurses will be asked to work to 68 in a new drive to tackle the dropping number of nursing staff in the NHS. A Working Longer Review Group has been set up and will look into nurses aged 60 and over working flexible hours in hospitals.

INTERNET: Supply of superfast broadband to rural areas is two years behind schedule. According to an official audit into the government’s plan.

PARKINSON: Chat show host Michael Parkinson has revealed he has prostate cancer. The 78 year old is said to have been surprised by the news but is confident he will return to full health.

ORANGE:  The Orange Order parade took place on Saturday, passing along Argyle street in the city centre. Up to 20,000 marchers took part. Seven hundred police officers were committed to the walk. Police Scotland said 46 people were arrested for minor disorder offences.

LAWSON: Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson are to divorce. The announcement comes after photos were published of the couple in a restaurant in June where Saatchi was seen to have his hands around her throat.


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