The ‘attraction’ of movies.

There are many factors we consider when choosing what movie to watch.

We usually decide from the trailer whether we think it will appeal to us either by the synopsis of the film or the genre of the film.

Yet there seems to be one factor that can also make people more inclined to a film even if none of the above applies to them – how attractive the main actor or actress is.

Let’s face it is it human nature.

Sometimes the best way a director can cover up a bad story line is by casting a seriously good looking actor and removing a few items of clothing.

It is not a bad tactic at all – seriously I’m not complaining.

I have watched Magic Mike multiple times. The movie has, in my opinion, a dreadful story line yet I watch it time and time again to watch Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer take their clothes off.

If you are sitting browsing through your Netflix and can’t decide what film to pick many people select one because a certain actor or actress is in it (I made this mistake with Johnny Depp and Cry Baby).

On the other hand you may watch a movie you would never normally watch because a certain person stars in it and find that you really enjoy it.

The truth of the matter is actors such as Ryan Gosling (because come on who doesn’t fancy him) pulls in audiences because of both his looks and reputation and that is the benefit of having someone like him star in a film.

This can only be a good thing because if you pay to watch a movie and it turns out to be awful at least you have had some ‘eye candy’ and the past two hours of your life have not been a complete waste of time.


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