CASEY: Local Talent That Needs To Be Checked Out

from left: Dan, Gary, Ryan & Greg

from left: Dan, Gary, Ryan & Greg

CASEY is a hot new four piece band from Glasgow, fronted by the talented Gary McDowell.

Former Caley student and band drummer, Ryan Kane says: “Gary was doing his solo thing with me as his session drummer, but the songs we were writing suited a full band sound so… CASEY was formed!”

The band uploaded their first music video, Hurt, less than a week ago, but have already racked up over 1,300 YouTube views. With its ridiculously catchy chorus, it’s easy to see why Hurt has already attracted so much attention.

Their pop/rock sound reminds me of John Mayer meets McFly, which should be reason enough for you to check them out. But, if you’re still needing convinced, then their music is available for free download on their page – so there isn’t really an excuse not to have a listen.

ps. anyone keen to know more about the hottie in the video, you can check out his acting page here 


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