Sunday’s News Roundup

Sunday’s News Roundup

SNOWDEN: The man who revealed information about US surveillance programmes, Edward Snowden, has left Hong Kong, despite previously saying he would dispute the charge placed against him of espionage from the country. It is unsure where his intended final destination is.

PRIVACY: Facebook and Google are dealing with privacy issues this week. On Facebook, a bug revealed personal information of six million users. Data, such as their phone numbers and email addresses. Facebook have apologised on their security page. Whereas Google has been threatened with legal action over personal data collected as a result of the use of its Street View cars.

ROAD RACE: The British Cycling Road race Championships took place across the city centre. Starting and finishing at Glasgow Green, the race shut down a number of roads to allow the 200 elite cyclists to compete. Mark Cavendish won the men’s race and Lizzie Armitstead took first place in the women’s.

PLANT MATH: Plants do math during the night, according to new research. They divide the amount of starch they have left by the number of hours there are left until the sun comes up. The complex arithmetic is done at a fundamental level, unlike the mathematic process in humans which takes place in the brain.


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