Desert Runners world premiere!

Ahead of the start of the Edinburgh International Film Festival which takes place from the 19-30 June, I was lucky enough to be allowed a sneak preview of one of the films that will celebrate its world premiere at the 2013 festival.

Desert Runners is a documentary-style film about the four desert ultramarathon series which is considered one of the most difficult endurance challenges in the world.

The film is directed, produced and edited by award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Steinman. It is also produced by Academy Award-winning producer Yael Melamede and Diana Iles Parker. Desert Runners Poster

Last year Dean Karnazes became the first person in the world to complete all four deserts in the same year which is known as the four desert grand slam.

This documentary follows a new group of non-professional runners all attempting to do the same thing.

Competitors from all over the world take part in six marathons over the period of five days, with each race covering 250KM, through the four most gruelling deserts on earth: Atacama Desert, Chile; Gobi Desert, China; Sahara Desert, Egypt and Antarctica

Those that take on the challenge must also carry everything they need to survive in a rucksack on their backs.

The audience is allowed to follow the diverse cast of people who use everything they have both mentally and physically to make their way through these beautiful and brutal landscapes.

We are transported into the psychological state of the people who have had to make their way through 155 miles of the largest, driest deserts in temperatures up to 120 degrees.

The personal element is apparent from the second the movie begins, the viewer is transported into each individuals journey and goes through the blood, sweat and tears with them.

Jennifer Steinman said: “This film has been a three-year labour of love, and we are honoured to be premiering in Edinburgh.

 is about running, but it is also about so much more—it’s an exploration into the perceived limitations that people place upon themselves, and the mindset necessary for some people to complete ‘impossible’ challenges.

“Ultimately, it takes a certain kind of person to attempt a challenge of this magnitude, and it was my goal to find out who these people were and what they are made of”

To view the trailer and for tickets to the world premiere on the 22nd and 23rd of June go to:

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