Improv Wars review

Improv Wars is a comedy show that promises to be unscripted, unrehearsed and a show where anything can happen and by god does it deliver.

I went to watch the show on Monday (27/05/13) to see what it was all about and even managed to interview all the comedians after the show.

From the moment you walk into The Stand it screams audience participation with intimate candle lit tables gathered around the stage making the audience feel as much a part of the show as the comedians themselves.

I was among the first few people to walk in and while those that arrived at the same time hid away at the back tables, I decided if you are going to do it then do it right and sat at one of the very front tables which could have only been closer to the stage if it was on it.

It maybe was not my best plan because when they spotted my notebook I did not stand a chance.

Garry Dobson started off the show as the host and with the line “Your fake enthusiasm is our heroin”. The audience was instantly laughing and there was nothing fake about it.

He then proceeded to ‘interestingly’ introduce the team captains Stu Murphy and Billy Kirkwood followed by special guests Joe Heenan and Des O Gorman.

The best entrance has to go to Billy Kirkwood. After Garry announcing to the audience that his wife had given birth to his first child the week before he ran onto the stage pointing at his crotch exclaiming “it works”.

They then began a series of improvised comedy games where all the suggestions for situations were provided by the audience and you never know what kind of people they are or what they are going to suggest.

No suggestion seems too wacky for these guys however as Stu told me that they like to “take suggestions that keep us on our toes”.

Joe told me: “If it is not fresh, it is not funny” this is clear from the word go as the things you hear during the show you will have never have heard before and will probably never hear again.

I entered a world where shopping channels sold ghost condoms and where party guests were psychopaths who are attracted to crotches and I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much in my life.

The key thing about the show is the chemistry between the comedians and their ability to bounce off one another. Billy explained to me that the reason they all done that particular show was not really for the money but in fact just to have a good time with each other and this is clear from the outset.

The show had the audience, young and old alike, laughing from beginning till end.

When I was sitting with the guys back stage it was clear to me that they are just five normal, talented and funny men that make their living doing what they love and have fun doing it. It seems to me that is the real key to why they are such good comedians – with a script or without.

I can’t recommend the show more and at only £2 entry with a student card it makes less sense not to go.

Improv Wars is on a The Stand comedy club in Glasgow every Monday night. Show starts at 8:30, doors open at 7:30.


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