Music Monday: A$AP Rocky in Glasgow

A$AP Rocky stormed Glasgow last night (26 May) writes Ally Bennett who was at the rappers Scottish date.

A$AP Rocky partying with the Scottish crowd Picture: abbylemon Instagram

A$AP Rocky partying with the Scottish crowd Picture: abbylemon Instagram

People were getting slightly restless.

Joey Fatts and Aston Matthews had warmed up the crowd at the o2 Academy in Glasgow but an hour had passed since and everyone was ready for the main event.

Normally this is when a crowd could turn against an artist; when A$AP Rocky came out he had the fans in the palm of his hand as he declared that he wasn’t here to perform, he was here to party.

He demanded to see mosh pitting and crowd surfing – not usually part of a typical live hip-hop show but A$AP Rocky is not the typical rapper.

As ‘Wild for the Night’ played, his hit single with dubstep artist Skrillex, the capacity crowd nearly blew the roof off the venue when the bass dropped and those standing formed a mosh circle.

It is one of those songs that have to be heard live in order to be fully appreciated.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was when the rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was handing out towels and bottles of water to the crowd who were feeling the effects of an incredibly energetic show.

Those of us in the balcony weren’t expecting much love.

He decided to prove us wrong as he launched a bottle of water from the stage up to us in the balcony, displaying a throw that would make a quarterback jealous.

Another moment that displayed why he is so unique is when he called for ‘weed’ from the crowd.

He was passed numerous joints before launching into ‘Hands on the Wheel’ – the song on Schoolboy Q’s Habits & Contradictions album he is featured on.

The American rapper also performed energetic renditions of songs such as ‘Goldie’, ‘PMW’ and ‘Purple Swag’ from his Long Live A$AP album before leaving.

Lucky fans got to party on stage with Rocky Picture: @ShaunNailen Twitter

Lucky fans got to party on stage with Rocky Picture: @ShaunNailen Twitter

The crowd knew he’d be back but they still cheered and begged as if he might not.

When he did everyone knew what was coming next.

Not the most family friendly of songs, ‘F**kin’ Problems’, is certainly one that can get the crowd going.

The girls especially loved it despite being referred to as “bad bitches”.

Rocky ended the night by inviting people from the crowd onto the stage to dance to hits including ‘Pop That’ by French Montana.

A$AP Rocky stayed true to his words when he said he came to Glasgow for a party.


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