Sunday’s News Roundup

A round up of the big stories this week

CONSERVATIVES: It’s been a busy week for the Conservatives in the news. The search for the party member who allegedly described Tory activists as ‘swivel eyed loons’ continues. The comment was reportedly made to journalists at an event in London by a member of the party’s inner circle.

David Cameron’s support for gay marriage has proved unpopular with some members of his party as the parliamentary debate about the Marriage Bill for England and Wales begins on Monday.

MEASLES:  Children aged 10 – 17 are being urged to get the measles vaccine. There are fears there are a generation of children with low levels of protection from the disease following on from the MMR scare a decade ago.

HYDRO: Glasgow’s new music venue is set to open on time, after suggestions construction was running behind schedule. Rod Stewart is tipped to be the opening act when the stadium opens in September.

EUROVISION: Denmark won this year’s contest with Emmelie De Forest’s song ‘Only Teardrops’. UK entrant Bonnie Tyler came 19 out of 26 countries and was awarded 26 points – an improvement on 2012.


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