Is The Future In The Wrong Hands?

By Kieran Thomas

There are many pressing issues surrounding placing too much power in the hands of one man. One man has just been given control over two of the biggest institutions in world fiction and pop-culture history, I’m talking about Star Wars and Star Trek.

These two franchises are like Christianity to Botticelli or despair to Van Gogh…inspiration. Movies based on Comics are the biggest Hollywood blockbusters today something that couldn’t be possible without Star Trek and Star Wars to make geeks out of future film-makers.

You should be aware that the man behind the recent Star Trek films ‘Into Darkness’ and its predecessor in 2008 has been handed the reins to Disney’s Star Wars sequel. That man is JJ Abrams, creator of Lost, although he has worked in many areas of TV and film as a writer, director and producer.  I have a problem with Abrams he sells a film with a false promise, like that of a salesman, his beloved ‘Mystery Box’ ideology not to have any aspect of the film known to the audience before the film so they experience his work without preconceptions clouding their opinions.

I did enjoy ‘Into Darkness’, mainly due to the superb casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto and I wouldn’t consider any of Abrams movies to be bad films. I’m a fan of ‘Cloverfield’ for example but he only wrote and produced that and didn’t direct.  I wouldn’t consider any of his films to be a great. As a fan of Star Trek I feel Abrams is missing so much potential with his Star Trek films and there is the core of my problem with Abrams films and TV shows: they promise greatness but don’t deliver.

Abrams has certainly paid his dues in the industry but to be in charge of such cultural icons as Star Trek and Star Wars feels undeserved. He has admitted he didn’t grow up as a fan of sci-fi and has created a stable and well dissevered career in TV and film. That’s what worries me, unlike Peter Jackson with Lord of the Rings or George Lucas with the original Star Wars trilogy Abrams can afford for these films to just be alright. Star Wars can’t take another alright film after the prequels it needs, and deserves, greatness and that’s coming from a Trekker so that’s difficult to say.


3 thoughts on “Is The Future In The Wrong Hands?

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  2. I agree with you on the performances of Cumberbatch and Quinto. Karl Urban deserves credit for being an AWESOME McCoy, as well.

    I review Into Darkness here and would love your opinion:

    As far as Star Wars goes, Abrams has stated that the reason he got into film making in the first place was because of Star Wars. It is his dream project, and I have every confidence that he will rise to the occasion. Quite frankly, I want George Lucas kept as far away from Star Wars as possible. The prequels were horrible, and everything that has been GOOD about Star wars for the past decade have been projects that Lucas has not been directly involved with (The Clone Wars, Knights of The Old Republic, etc.). There is nobody I would rather have directing the coming Star Wars episodes than Abrams.

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