Arts & Culture Wednesday: Are books going out of fashion?

Let’s face it, books have never been ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ or any other cliché word that parents think teenagers use.

This increased when the internet became common in households worldwide and studying no longer had to mean sitting in the library for hours on end going through piles of books searching for material.

Yet for the book lovers among us the libraries and book shops still provided us with an endless supply of stories to get lost in.

In 2007, the Amazon Kindle was released in the US for $399. It sold out in five and a half hours and remained out of stock for a further five months. When it made its way over to the UK it was greeted with the same enthusiasm from buyers.

The kindle was many booklovers ideal. It allowed you to download any book you desired many of which you could get either for free or much cheaper than in a book shop. It also meant that there was no longer the need to carry around a large amount of heavy books which was particularly helpful when it came to going on holiday as your hand luggage no longer had to weigh as much as you.

But does this still leave a place for old fashion printed books?

According to The Guardian physical book sales feel by £74m last year, reaching a nine year low. This proves that the rise of eBooks has had an impact on the sales of hard copies.

However, I have no fear that book sales will ever die out because there still remains a large group of people who stay loyal to the book shops and the libraries, I should know being one myself.

I have never owned a kindle or anything similar and have no intentions of doing so in the near future.

There is no denying that the kindle was a genius idea but for me the joys of reading include the trips to buy the books and being able to physically hold the book you are reading.

I do worry that technology is taking over to such a point that in today’s society books merely look outdated and simple.

Keep in mind though that sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the best ones.


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