Ilias – Somewhere in Time


The Algerian/Australian composer  brings hope back to music

Your new must buy album

Your new must buy album

Ilias is a fresh new artist who is about to hit the airwaves with his indie-folk eleven track début album, Somewhere in Time.

The Australian singer, songwriter, producer, composer and musician, to name a few, needs to be the next big name in the music industry with his back to basics recording and original, stylish music.

Ilias’ style is plain to see before listening to his album as the classic black and white cover and oyster guitar draws the eye and makes believe there is an eclectic delight waiting inside.

Somewhere in Time is a refreshingly mellow and relaxing album that displays the talent that flows through this brilliant musician.

A multi-instrumentalist album, Ilias not only sings the songs on these breathtakingly unique  songs but also performs background vocals, bass, keyboard, drums, piano  and both acoustic and electric guitars.

The ten year period of recording has left a mark of brilliance on the record and made it a must buy for lovers of folk, jazz and indie blues; or those who just thrive for new music.

Key tracks that stick out on the album include ‘One of a Kind’ with quietly-powerful instrumentals in the background and a silky smooth voice the song has a perfect twist of jazz and rock intertwined.

Other songs that showcase the talent that flows through this new artist include ‘This Life’ and ‘Lonely’.

‘Only One’ is a more upbeat song on the album filled with melodies and acoustic rhythms at the start which will send listeners off into a mystery world of jazz and blues.

This album is a must buy and is available in Ilias’ website.

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