The Needle Online

by Lorne Gillies

You are one video away from your dream job with The Needle Online

Students have you ever dreaded the thought of waking up before seven (people actually do that!) to travel in your Sunday best to an interview for that dream job you have studied four years to get a degree for? Yes? Thought so, we have all been there.

Well what if I told you that you could have the interview experience of our generation? New company, The Needle Online, is a video hosting site that allows you to relax into the interviewing process.

Founded by Christine Tautari and David Gillies their website allows a painless and easy experience at selling yourself for that dream job. Imagine sitting in your humble abode sipping a cup of coco and rocking your finest Cookie Monster pyjama bottoms whilst having an interview? Living the dream.

Obviously up top you are expected to wear professional attire that will allow your future employer to see your sophisticated fashion over your Saturday morning hangover style, but in short this website is the way forward for recruitment. The Needle Online’s “aim is to move employers, recruiters and candidates towards thinking outside the box on how to manage the [interview] process better from all sides of the fence to improve the quality of the experience”.

Video and cloud sharing technology is how this aim is achieved. Video interviews are a great way for employers and candidates to communicate; employers will get the chance to see how you react to questions and how you hold yourself whilst candidates can remove themselves from the stress of sitting in front of prospect employers and thinking of smart answers on the spot. Interviews can have a variety of questions, chosen by the interviewees to help them learn more about you, that follow a seamless process.

Before you commit to an application you get the chance to see exactly what the job is asking for prior to uploading your CV and a cover letter. Then the filming begins. Your sets of questions are given to you alongside space for you to write key words to help you remember what to say during the filming process. Don’t worry if you fluff up or your biscuit fell into your tea during the video, each answer is recorded separately and as often as you want.

This interviewing process really is all at your leisure; don’t you feel more relaxed already? Signing up is a simple process and once you create your account you are all set. Upload your CV to the site, which also has helpful blogs posted by the Directors to ensure your CV is at the highest standard you can possibly have it to make sure you stand out from the crowd – in a good way, not because you disgraced yourself in that bar at the weekend – and get applying for jobs.

More and more businesses are starting to interview through The Needle Online which is why this is a prime time for students looking to get into their specific field should visit the site. Even if nothing comes up immediately you still have the chance to practice video interviews, which is good homework if you ever have a Skype interview, and learn the best way to make sure employers know you are out there and what you have to give. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Head over to The Needle Online and get filming.





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