Throwback Thursday with a Twist!

With the end of Gossip Girl last year and 90210 getting cancelled I’ve decided to put a different spin on the classic instagram “Throwback Thursday” by not putting up an old picture of The Edit team but throwing back to one of my favourite TV shows The OC.

For those who aren’t aware of the classic teen drama, it ran from 2003-2007 and was about an outsider teen who is adopted into a wealthy family and had to adjust to all their affluent events and dramas.

The OC 2

The show is made brilliant by the 4 main characters; you have the outsider and lovable rogue Ryan, Marissa the glamorous wild child and Summer the feisty petite brunette. Although I’m sure for many – including myself – the best character by far was Seth. The sarcastic comic book loving geek! He brought so much comedy to the show and made everyone fall in love with him.

The show was great not only for the drama but showcased some great music with Kasabian, The Subways and Death Cab and not to mention the classic theme tune “California” by Phantom Planet above. So if your looking to fill a gloomy Thursday afternoon why not check out some old episodes of the sunny US drama.


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