What a Week!

Well this has been one exciting week for The Edit and we would like to thank everyone who has come along to the Media Week so far!

Monday; Monday saw Issue 5 (our printed issue) Best of British VS Scottish come out as well as Peter from Deadline News, Wendy from ThankFiFi and Nadine (the editor of No.1 magazine) all come and talk to us for the Media Week! There was a great turn out, invaluable advice given and contacts made (as well as summer placements set up!).

Tuesday; Yesterday we had two more great talks and the talk from Jeff Zycinski, Head of Radio at BBC Scotland and
Gareth Hydes, Head of Editorial at Children In Need, has to be a highlight of the week! Then to round it all off we found out The Edit has been shortlisted for the NUS Scotland Award in the Best Student Media category and we elected a whole new team for The Edit 2013/2014! (names will be released soon).

All this and it is only Wednesday morning! We cannot wait to see what the rest of the weeks holds…but in the mean time here are some photos from the Media Week so far (others will follow soon!).

Hope to see you all at The Journal and STV presenter John MacKays talk today!


Wendy Gilmour (thankfifi.com)

Wedia_Week_Monday_Wendy_Gilmour_%28Christopher_MacKay%29_1 (1) Wedia_Week_Monday_Wendy_Gilmour_%28Christopher_MacKay%29_4 Wedia_Week_Monday_Wendy_Gilmour_%28Christopher_MacKay%29_2 (1)

Jeff Zycinski, Head of Radio at BBC Scotland and Gareth Hydes, Head of Editorial at Children In Need

Media_Week_Tuesday_Jeff_Zycinski_&_Gareth_Hydes_%28Christopher_MacKay%29_3 Media_Week_Tuesday_Jeff_Zycinski_&_Gareth_Hydes_%28Christopher_MacKay%29_2 Media_Week_Tuesday_Jeff_Zycinski_&_Gareth_Hydes_%28Christopher_MacKay%29_1

Photography: Christopher MacKay


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