I really love my: leather jacket

Just going through life, declaring my love for items of clothing.


Jacket: H&M

You can never go wrong with basics in my eyes. Every person needs in their wardrobe a good pair of jeans, smart black shoes, a white t-shirt, a good winter coat and to top it all off… a leather jacket.

As you can probably tell from the picture, my leather jacket has had a hell of a lot of love. I spent £20 on it four years ago (it’s been that long?!) and have rarely taken it off since.

What’s so great about a leather jacket? For me, it takes an outfit from ‘decent’ to ‘total badass’ in about two seconds flat. I’m not a girl who likes to dress girly, and I feel I can pull off a cutesy dress better when it’s paired with some boots and my faithful jacket.

It’s saddens me to say that I might have to give up this gorgeous coat soon, as it’s seen a few too many days (and some interesting nights) worth of wear. But I definitely won’t be saying goodbye before purchasing it’s replacement!


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